Goodbye 2015… Hello 2016!

With 2015 coming to an end and the New Year starting, it’s not hard to look back and look ahead. As I look back on 2015 I see my journey in photography, and I see not only all of my achievements but my failures as well. There are so many things that I can continue to do and be awesome at, but also things I can improve and do better. I have grown so much as a business owner, photographer, wife, mother, and friend. I know I have barley scratched the surface in my skills and knowledge of photography this past year. Personally, this year was a huge struggle bouncing in and out of doctors offices for both my family and my dad. He passed this year and it really took a lot out of me, emotionally, mentally and physically. I just want to send huge thank you out to all off my family, friends and clients for your patience and being there for me. From a business standpoint, this past year has been full of so many emotions, smiles, laughs and tears(sad and happy).¬†Oh and the babies! New and exciting journeys into becoming a family and a lot of families adding more members! I was able to capture so many couples starting their lives together, I hope to continue to see those lives grow into amazing families!

Which brings us to 2016, as this new year approaches I see a wonderful journey of new and exciting things to come with Jessica Wilson Photography. I think we are ready to take it to the next level! I cannot wait to advance my business and get more organized! There are so many clients that are getting married and having babies, I cannot wait to capture them all! More specifically, my wonderful assistant is have twins in January and always up to be my guinea pig for new things! My husband just started a new career path, that he has been working at for a very long time. My daughters are advancing in their extra-curricular activities, cannot wait to capture their achievements this year! I have gotten new equipment and learned more advanced editing skills to continue to make your photos look amazing! 2016 is going to be a big year for both myself and Jessica Wilson Photography and I hope that you will continue on with this journey with me!

Now to look back at all of the beautiful faces I have captured, all of the memories for you to cherish for years to come. I know I am truly blessed and thank God for providing me with the best job in the world. I have the best job in the world because of all of you. To see your smiles and laughter through my lens just warms my heart. THANK YOU!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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