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An Engagement Session ~ Hastings, MN

Meet Tom and Mackenzie! When I first met them I knew that we were going to work great together, our personalities just clicked right away. Mackenzie is such a sweet caring woman and  Tom obviously has a big heart to want to help people, as he is a firefighter for the Hasting Fire Department! When Mackenzie told me she wanted some pictures in the fire station I may or may not have screamed like a kid finding out they get to go to a candy store! I was ecstatic! I have never done pictures in a fire station, but it has definitely been on my bucket list of places to shoot. I am so excited that they were open to all my ideas and suggestions! After doing this session, I can’t wait for the next fire fighter to come my way! I also can’t wait for these two to start having babies(too soon?!) so I can incorporate his fire fighter equipment into the shoot! Oh the ideas!!!

Mackenzie and Tom did not want just pictures in the fire department, but were unsure where else to go. They are an outdoorsy couple who love to ski and just be in nature so we started brainstorming. First, we thought about a ski resort and it just didn’t seem to work for us. I remembered a location I actually chose for my family pictures this fall and I described it to her and she fell in love! After the fire department we headed a whole hour north to The Hansen Tree Farm. I am in love with this location; it was the perfect place for these two love birds. From the dreamy tall pines to the quaint little shack with a log burning stove just perfect for snuggling under a blanket, this place was meant for them. Tom was even having some fun pulling Mackenzie on the Toboggan!

This engagement session couldn’t have been any more perfect, well… besides the cold… We are in Minnesota and even though the pictures don’t really show it, it was COLD!!!!Thank you for sticking with me in the frigid weather! I had so much fun with you two and thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding in November!

I’ll leave you all with their story. These two have been in the making for quite some time! Here is how these two love birds fell in love!

“Our moms have been friends with each other for over 10 years, and they always tell us we met because of them. Apparently, Tom and I first met at the middle school orientation when we were both going into 6th grade. However, it obviously wasn’t a very memorable meeting, as neither of us remember it. But later in the year we became good friends and hung out with the same friends for a few years. I had a crush on him the summer before of after 8th grade. Tom and my brother Mitchell became friends after a while too, so Tom was always over at my house hanging out with him doing guy things. I always made them food… As the high school years went on, we remained good friends. In my freshman year of college, we made a pact with each other that if we were both 35 (I think that was the age) and single, we’d get married and have kids. Well, we didn’t have too wait that long because about a year after that pact was made, he “asked” me to be his girlfriend. I put it in quotes because he never actually asked, he just flipped my Claddagh ring in the opposite direction – to mean I’m in a relationship – and waited very very patiently (a solid 10 minutes at least) for me to realize what he did. I smiled, we kissed, and now we’re planning a wedding!” – Mackenzie






Pretty red fire truck, pretty shiny ring!









I seriously heart this Log burning fireplace!








Are the serioulsy not the cutest couple?






An Engagement Session ~ Taylors Falls, MN

Tarin contacted me about taking her engagement pictures, but wasn’t sure where to do them, so I was excited to work with her to find the perfect location. We were brain storming locations around the Twin Cities and Tarin it was at that time she shared with me they would be getting married in Iceland!!! How exciting! They just wanted a small, intimate wedding, and they had never been there but wants to go… So yes, Iceland!!!! A photographers dream. That landscape and lighting, who could ask for anything more?! That got me thinking, what about the beautiful Taylors Falls, MN?

Taylors Falls is a small town on the very mid eastern edge of the state bordering Wisconsin. It’s a quaint little town with lots of little shops and an amazing little mom and pop ice cream parlor (check it out next time your in the neighborhood http://www.schoonys.com/ ). Taylors Falls main attraction is Interstate State Park on the St. Croix River. This park is unique due to the “pot holes” created hundreds of years ago from the glaciers. If you have never been, I would suggest taking a trip out and spending the day exploring the bluffs and along the river just to see these amazing holes. This location I think tied right into a MN version of Iceland… Well… that may be a stretch but I think it really fits their wedding style.

Plus, who doesn’t love puppies in ties!

Congrats you two! I can’t wait to see pictures of your gorgeous wedding!

An Engagement Session ~ Millville, MN

When I met Mara for our initial wedding consultation, I knew we were a perfect fit. Our personalities clicked right away. During our meeting, as I do with all my upcoming brides, we discussed where she wanted to do engagement pictures. She told me her fiancés family had property in Millville and their was this pretty cool old shack that had their family name on it. I immediately thought that this will be a really fun location!

Now fast forward to the day of her engagement session. The plan was for me to drive to Red Wing to meet them at their home and follow them to the property. They said there really isn’t an address for it and they just know how to get there. I said ok, no problem. I was super ecstatic this couple had a plan and came up with their OWN place to do this session! Now, this is where the story gets good… They turn down a dirt road, I follow behind… and then they start slowing down in front of me-sweet! I am super excited, we are here! THEN they take a random right turn. I get closer and as I approach the “turn” I realize um… its not a road, it’s a man-made path in between two corn fields! I’ll be honest as we were going down this really bumpy and waist high grass “road” I was a little nervous. Re-thinking to myself, ok, how well do I know these people… We came out to an open area, this small field surrounded by corn fields and plopped right in the middle was this random OLD chicken coop. I say plopped because it literally looked like someone dropped it randomly in this field. They told me this coop it is about 100 years old and it was transferred to this location from a different part of the property once it was no longer usable.

After this amazing adventure, I truly got to see that these two turned out to be an awesome couple and I had a blast! Almost had me ready to run away back to the nearest highway, but now I totally get why they wanted this place for their engagement session. Its not a common place where a lot of people have done a session, its just a perfect little hideaway. Unique, personal places are my favorite locations to shoot at, and the proof is in the photos!