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Featured Client Review ~ Somer ~ East Bethel, MN

Photography is a fast paced profession, and I strive to keep up with the world around us, always. The best way for me to keep up with the demands of modern technology is to get feedback from my clients. Every once in a while I’ll post a review from a client, to give my blog-readers another point of view. I can talk about myself and what I saw all I want, but for some people, they want to know what others think, so this is my Featured Client Review!

Somer writes:

“Since this is my first baby I had no idea what to expect for a newborn shooting. To say the least, it was super cool to see how Jessica works her magic. She comes in with backdrops, pillows, wraps, headbands, a bunch of other stuff for the session and the fun begins. She’s so good at picking out what looks good and everything was so cute!!! My daughter Georgia had some pretty extreme poop accidents during the shoot that she’ll definitely be reminded of when shes older… We were all laughing so hard and Jessica had the best attitude about it. Even though I had just met Jessica that day I felt so comfortable with her handling my brand new baby… I could just leave the room and let her do her thing. It was an awesome experience and I would recommend her to anyone.”

~ Somer

Newborn Session ~ East Bethel, MN

Meet 5 day old Georgia! Can you say perfect? I mean come on! Look at that head of hair! I walked in to their home to start setting up for her newborn session and just melted when I saw that head of hair! So beautiful! The session went as planned, miss Georgia smiled (multiple times which is always a bonus!) we had a ton of laughs due to projectile poo….. yes, this happens, but I am a pro at catching it. Not sure how proud I should be of that… Hahaha. All in all, this little peanut is definitely surrounded by a loving family and I can’t wait to watch her grow.
Also! Miss Georgia is my cellphone model on my contact page! Check it out here!