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A Family Session ~ Bloomington, MN

I know, 9 mile creek again. I just can’t help myself, this location is so pretty! This time, things were MUCH different… I brought a boy, his dog and his parents on down to the creek for this session. As I posted before, sometimes the water is different, and this time around, the water was a little higher due to the rain we had. So, for everyone’s safety, there wasn’t too much climbing on the rocks, but their were leaves!

When we first got there Easton was really tired, he fell asleep on the car ride there and did not want to wake up! I didn’t think he would want anything to do with me or waking up, which is always a struggle, but the show must go on! What finally got him up? Running, lots of running! Mom and dad definitely must have their hands full at home, always on the go. The rest of the session was running and playing with his pup! We got to the end of the session and thought we would play in the leaves a bit. Bruce, their pup definitely knows how to put on a show. They would throw a pile of leaves in the air and Bruce would fly through the sky and bite them out of the air. So funny!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your family’s memories and I look forward to capturing more in the future!

A Fall Maternity Session ~ Bloomington, MN

For this maternity session I suggested we head down to 9 mile creek in Bloomington, since Kaitlyn and Dan live in Bloomington. I grew up in Bloomington, so this gem of a creek is special to me too! I remember being young with my friends walking though the creek, just having so much fun looking for frogs and any other creatures we could find. I say that this is a gem, because when you first get to this part of the creek, it doesn’t look like much. You pull into a very small parking lot with maybe 7 parking spots; then walk to a small opening in the trees where you are greeted by a huge, (I mean HUGE) steep set of stairs. You definitely feel the burn on the way back up. Directly at the bottom of the valley is a beautiful, flowing creek with a bridge and small rushing rapids, well, depends on the day if its rushing or not. That day we were lucky their hasn’t been too much rain here in Minnesota so the creek was pretty calm. Calm enough to climb out on the rocks.

I was a little nervous to let Kaitlyn out there especially in those gorgeous heels. UM… Yeah.. I give her huge props, she is about 35 weeks pregnant and still rocking those heels. I have a feeling this little baby girl will follow right in Moms footsteps and also be a girly girl!

Congrats again and I cannot wait to meet your little one at the end of the month!!!