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A Newborn Session ~ Minneapolis, MN

I just cannot get enough of this little peanut! Not only did I get a trip to the hospital to see him, I also witnessed the whole pregnancy, and maternity shots! This little man is very close to my heart because his mother and I are good friends. The always gorgeous Juli gave birth to a whopping 10.5 lb healthy baby boy, not-so-little-Hugh. I try to always get newborn pictures done right away- within the first 10 days of life, since that is when the babies sleep the most and allow me to move them into fun poses… Anytime after that they are always moving around and usually wide awake with a look that says “Who are you and where is my Mom?!”

As life would happened, we struggled with getting all the shots done, I ended up making a second trip to make sure I got all the shots! So happy I did that, because they turned out amazing! I am pretty sure that by the time we finally got little Hughs newborn pictures done, he had already gained a whole pound! I think this little guy is definitely the biggest newborn I have ever taken pictures of, and I am perfectly ok with him keeping that crown!

Congrats again you guys, I am so excited and happy for you! Just can’t wait to watch him grow!

A Fall Maternity Session

I just need to start this blog by saying eeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!! This one is a much more personal blog because this Momma is one of my super good friends! She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I would absolutely call her my family! NOW I get to watch her go through this amazing adventure of being a Mom to a little boy! She has a little girl, a year older than my youngest, so we have a lot in common with them, but a little boy is a whole new adventure!

Little Mister Hugh is due December 12th and I absolutely cannot wait to meet him! Big Sister Virgina is also very excited and LOVES helping Mom get everything ready for her baby brother. Sam adores his girls, but he is ready for his boy! Congrats again you guys, I cannot wait to watch your family grow!