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An Engagement session ~ Bloomington, MN

Meet Reneé and Tim!
Such a laid back go with the flow couple that has a huge heart for animals. Tim and Renee actually met at Renee’s work, where she works with stray animals and Tim was a client. They tell me it was love at first sight! I really believe that when someone is really passionate about something, their perfect match is also passionate about it. This is definitely the vibe this couple gives off. They both have this fiery passion and special place in their hearts for animals. I adore hearing the stories of couples getting engaged, and this one definitely warms my heart. When they were walking into their first home together, Tim proposed to Reneé right then and there! And CLEARLY she said YES! How cute is that to have such a sweet, amazing memory right in your home! Not that I need to ask, but… how adorable their pups?! Seriously! I cannot get over it! Renee made all of these super cute signs, it is like photographer heaven when people bring props! I can’t even. She brought so many cute signs it was like I was a little kid in a candy store! I absolutely cannot wait to shoot your wedding in May!!
Congrats again you two! So excited to capture your special day!

A Senior Session ~ Stone Arch Bridge

This was an interesting session for me, made me look back on a lot of things in my life. But first of all, let’s rewind… like um… 14 years when this, not-so-little, man came into my life. (14 years makes me feel sooooo old!) A friend of mine was living at his aunts house, and they had 2 kids, Anthony and his sister. I became friends with his aunt and uncle, which later turned out, they hired me as their baby sitter whenever they needed, so I got to know these kiddos really well. It is just so crazy for me to think, I have known this now grown man since he was four years old. Now. Let’s fast forward 14 years and that sweet four year old is now graduating from high school! I just want to say how proud I am of him and how much of a mature, smart, adult he has become. Anthony, you have grown and learned so much since the days I baby sat you. You are starting an amazing new adventure in college shortly, soak it all in and enjoy every moment of it. As I look back at the four year old Anthony I knew and loved to be with, I hope that you remember me and all the fun we had. I look forward to hearing about your many adventures and wish you the best of luck in this next journey.

Congrats dude! Class of 2016! Woo Hoo!

A Family Session SURPRISE!~ Minnetonka, MN

I got the privilege of taking the Sacketts family pictures for the first time a couple weeks ago. I didn’t know too much about them but when I described the Burwell house to Jen, she fell in love. This locations is to die for, full of beautiful nooks and cranny’s, everywhere! All of the property from beautiful walkways to the majestic Minnehaha Creek running right through the property.

It was such a joy meeting them and their ADORABLE Pup Willie. Willie and little man Oakley are defiantly best buds and are full of energy. After booking our session Jen sent me an email asking if I could help her out with something very particular about this session. I LOVE being able to capture memories and moments for people to share!

Check out the session below to find out what Jen requested!

This family session was so fun! Thank you so much for the honor of capturing this AMAZING news for you and your family! I cannot wait to meet your addition!

A Maternity Session ~ Japanese Gardens, Bloomington MN

A lot of woman choose to not do maternity pictures because they think they are REALLY pregnant and often don’t want the memory of their “size”. Which is where I like to come in and try to change that way of thinking to see the absolute beauty and grace that pregnancy is. When Kristen contacted me about doing her maternity pictures I could hear it in her voice how ecstatic she was that she was having a baby! AND couldn’t wait for maternity pictures! Kristen embraced her pregnancy, all the joys that come with it and worked it to the fullest. We started her session off where it all began for her and her husband, the same place they did their wedding photos. Taking these pictures at the Bloomington Japanese Gardens was sentimental to them, and I always encourage people to choose their OWN place for pictures. I say this a lot to people, and this is a prime example; I can work my magic and manipulate photos as much as I want to make a picture gorgeous and full of emotion but its really when you add that sentimental value to your session. It brings YOUR photos to life, almost to a whole new level, for YOU! These photos will mean so much more to you when its someplace that meant a lot to you.

We finished their session right in their home for some more lifestyle fun ones! Doesn’t get more personal than that! The other part about this session that is SUPER exciting, is that they chose to be surprised and wait until babys arrival on the gender, rather than find out early! It’s not very common to keep it a surprise anymore so I am really excited to wait and find out myself what they are having! (PS- Totally think its a GIRL!) Congratulations again and I can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy when he/she arrives!

Holiday Mini Sessions ~ 2015

I am so excited to announce my Holiday Mini Session date!

I will have plaid blankets, prop hot cocoa, snuggly chairs and a small wagon. Along with a Merry Christmas Banner of course!

Jessica Wilson Photography had teamed up with Kruegers Christmas Trees in Lake Elmo, MN for Mini Sessions this year. They will be held on Sunday November 22nd.

Please note that there will be no rain date.
To book your session, email Jessica at with your top THREE timeslots.

I will be updating timeslots as quickly as possible as they are booked. Once you have received confirmation for your request, I will email you a Booking Contract. At that time, a $25 non-refundable retainer is due. If that retainer is not paid within 2 days of the email being sent, your timeslot will be forfeited and made available to others awaiting a time.

Sunday, Nov 22nd timeslots – Snow, Rain or Shine
10:00am- J.Manning
10:30am-M. Hippe
11:00am- C. Marinero
11:30am- Lu Lu

A Newborn Session ~ Burnsville, MN

I got the honor of meeting this little one just five short days after she was born! Whenever I do newborn sessions, there has to be a peaceful and calm atmosphere to make these photos look so perfect, and that is exactly what happened here. I try to give mom and dad my Newborn Guide, for a few tips a pointers to follow before a session. This family had it down. They picked an amazing location- the farm where mom spent her childhood and grew up! So I set up at grandmas house, and well, you can see the photos, everything went so smoothly and relatively easy! (we had a minor “incident” on one of grandmas pillows, but it happens..) 🙂

I always adore when sessions are someplace sentimental, like a favorite place you went to as a child, that you now take your child too. Or taking pictures in the same location every year to watch them grow around the location. I hope this happens with this family! Next, the turtle outfit! Mom is absolutely CRAZY about turtles, so naturally, she wanted something cute for her daughter to be in, so she brought this cute outfit along! They are also HUGE Vikings football fans, so naturally, they would have a Vikings jersey to put their Vikings Princess in. Photographers side note: being a football fan is already in her blood because she cuddled that football like that HERSELF, no editing done on my part! Ah! love it when it works out! Cannot wait to see what this little one has in store for her life!

Heather & Charlie’s Wedding ~ Afton, MN Avonlea Farms

If I had to use only two words to describe this wedding, it would be: rustic elegance. There is so many details and personal touches that go into these weddings. I think these are some of my favorite weddings to capture, and I think its because this is so close to my style. I felt right at home, almost like I put the whole thing together myself (I didn’t). I think Heather is a natural in front of the camera, some people are hard to capture and she is NOT one of them. It was so hard to narrow down her images, she is so photogenic that they all turned out so beautiful. The bridal party was so awesome, I was horrible at remembering names, but they all put up with me asking names over and over again. In Minnesota, they always say that the weather changes every five minutes… not this day! It was perfect all around. I always prefer the cooler days because of all the running, and Heather was pretty happy because her dress got hot and heavy very quickly so the cooler air was nice for her too. You can’t tell in her pictures though! I am sure Charlie was happy as well, since those suits get pretty warm too!

Finally, talk about an unbelievable sunset. I was inside the barn capturing the memories there, when I popped my head out the upstairs window to take some shots and I saw the amazing cotton candy sky. These skies just don’t happen everyday! I almost tripped twice running outside to get Heather and Charlie, who were already outside. I ran up to them so excited about the sun set, when Heather turned around and saw it she gasped and grabbed Charlie. We ran to the field, she was wearing boots so she could really run! We got everything set up, and WOW. I can’t even describe it. I think that this sunset is one of the best ways to describe Heather and Charlie. There isn’t a word for it, but its a moment that you see and all the feels come out.
Congrats again Heather and Charlie, I cannot wait to capture more of your precious moments!
Oh and the frog! Heather used to work with amphibians’ so when we saw the cute little frog hopping around, getting a picture with it was necessary!

An Engagement Session ~ Millville, MN

When I met Mara for our initial wedding consultation, I knew we were a perfect fit. Our personalities clicked right away. During our meeting, as I do with all my upcoming brides, we discussed where she wanted to do engagement pictures. She told me her fiancés family had property in Millville and their was this pretty cool old shack that had their family name on it. I immediately thought that this will be a really fun location!

Now fast forward to the day of her engagement session. The plan was for me to drive to Red Wing to meet them at their home and follow them to the property. They said there really isn’t an address for it and they just know how to get there. I said ok, no problem. I was super ecstatic this couple had a plan and came up with their OWN place to do this session! Now, this is where the story gets good… They turn down a dirt road, I follow behind… and then they start slowing down in front of me-sweet! I am super excited, we are here! THEN they take a random right turn. I get closer and as I approach the “turn” I realize um… its not a road, it’s a man-made path in between two corn fields! I’ll be honest as we were going down this really bumpy and waist high grass “road” I was a little nervous. Re-thinking to myself, ok, how well do I know these people… We came out to an open area, this small field surrounded by corn fields and plopped right in the middle was this random OLD chicken coop. I say plopped because it literally looked like someone dropped it randomly in this field. They told me this coop it is about 100 years old and it was transferred to this location from a different part of the property once it was no longer usable.

After this amazing adventure, I truly got to see that these two turned out to be an awesome couple and I had a blast! Almost had me ready to run away back to the nearest highway, but now I totally get why they wanted this place for their engagement session. Its not a common place where a lot of people have done a session, its just a perfect little hideaway. Unique, personal places are my favorite locations to shoot at, and the proof is in the photos!

Sarah and Charlie’s Wedding ~ Eko Backen in Scandia, MN

If I could, I would do everything in my power to make all weddings run as smoothly and perfectly as this one. From timing, to weather, to the views and the guests, everything was perfect. Yes EVERYTHING was running right on time which, anyone who has ever gotten married knows that something is always late or behind or taking too long… not this day! And the weather?! Oh, you mean the beautiful 70 degrees, with that perfect amount of breeze blowing in the right direction to get AMAZING shots kind of weather, yes we had that too. The views, words cannot even begin to describe the breath taking view over a valley, that I had the honor of capturing at just the right moment on this PERFECT day. I have to send a shout out to the bridal party as well, you guys were so cooperative and I didn’t have to yell at you to smile, or look at me or stand straighter, you all so wonderful. Last, but definitely not least, the actual Bride and Groom, Sarah and Charlie, you two brought on this perfect day. You two are clearly perfectly made for each other and I am so happy for you. Thank you for choosing me to capture one of the most important days of your lives. I had an absolute blast and cannot wait to catch more of your lives in the future! Congrats again!