A Sibling Mini Session ~ St. Anthony on Main

Being a photographer is such a fast paced profession, never a dull moment, which I LOVE! I always love the last minute call from a close friend, with one day notice, asking if I can squeeze her in. I asked her if she could come out to St. Anthony on Main, as that’s where I would be shooting that evening. She was ecstatic that I could fit her in for a mini session!

Here’s why:

“My girlfriend had her very first girls weekend in five years (since having kids) and I was able to hang out with her children for the few nights mommy was away. With her 30th birthday approaching I wanted to surprise her with great pictures of her kids. Jessica can always get the most natural smiles, so of course I had to call her the night before begging her for an impromptu session. She always delivers!!!” -Angelle

Can this get any sweeter? Yes, yes it can. These two beautiful kids were so easy to photograph and so sweet. I am not sure who had more fun, me or them! I see why Angelle wanted to capture them! This is such a wonderful gift and it was so thoughtful of Angelle to think of me to capture these moments for this mom! I hope you LOVE your surprise photo shoot Crystal!

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