Launch Party~Blaine, MN

IMG_6814This website and blog was such a long time coming that naturally, it had to be made a big deal! The late nights, emails, texts, phone calls and many chats with tech support seemed to never end. But alas! We made it to the end, after moving the launch date three times, it was time! We we were so excited to finally launch it that we had to celebrate! And of course, any good celebration includes sushi! LOTS and LOTS of sushi!!! Well, at least in my life, and Tasha’s coincidentally enough (its like we were meant to do this together!).

Deciding to have a sushi launch party was planned a good month before the actual launch date, so all work work work so we can play! Before we could go out and celebrate we had to make a couple final touches before we hit the button! Adding images, editing wording, updating PDFs, and making sure everything was grammatically correct took FOREVER, but we got it! We combed through each page with crazy attention to detail to make sure everything was exactly how we wanted it! We were checking the mobile site on her IPad, I had it up on my phone, and all of a sudden, Flash! Her husband grabbed the camera and captured us in one of our intense focus sessions! Thanks Josh!
Working on this site together was challenging some days because we both have different styles, but in the end there is a good mix on the site. There were a lot of “I love yous” and “Remember you love me right’s?” passed around. Not to mention the subject lines in emails, “please don’t be mad” and “UGH sorry I haven’t even had time to look at this” Now, to keep the blogs coming and website views up!

Coming soon: Blog about my latest maternity session! Eeeekkk! Soooo adorable!

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